Thesis type: 

Small microbes with reduced (streamlined) genomes are the most abundant component of freshwater lakes, however, their ecology and evolutionary history remains largely elusive. The major focus of this project lies in eco-genomics of such microbes. High-throughput isolation of abundant freshwater microbes will be combined with cultivation experiments and comparative genomics. Whole genome sequencing of >150 strains and deep sequencing of metagenomes gained from lakes in CZ, CH, AT, and IT will allow comparative population genomics. In collaboration with other members of the institute, a polyphasic approach, combining (meta-)genomics, cultivation experiments of environmentally relevant strains and environmental quantification via e.g. specific FISH probes targeting the major players in lakes will be used to disentangle the underlying ecological reasons for the widespread but yet enigmatic phenomenon of genome-streamlining.

Cíle práce: 

 - sampling of 12 lakes
- isolation and characterization of pelagic freshwater prokaryotes
- whole genome sequencing and assembly
- metabolic analyses, short-term experiments
- bioinformatic analyses of genomes and metagenomes

Materiál a metody: 

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