(Co)investigator from the Department: 
2016 to 2018
Project goals: 

Main goals of the project are to:

(i) Identify circumpolar features of composition and functioning of mic. communities in cryoturbated organic matter

(ii) Describe effect of increased temperature and avialable nutrients on functioning of mic. communities

Project description: 

Arctic permafrost soils are estimated to store 1300 Gigatons (gt) of carbon (C), an amount half of soil organic C. Substantial amount of this C (600 Gt) is stored in the form of buried organic matter (OM) through the process of cryoturbation. Arctic is warming rapidly and this C can be released to the atmosphere as CO2 and CH4 as a result of increased decomposition. Detailed knowledge on the biotic and abiotic drivers of buried C vulnerability to decomposition is still limited. Particularly limited is the knowledge about functioning of mic. communities in cryoturbated OM, which is the major gap in understanding the decomposition processes and potential GHG emissions from these soils. In actual proposal we will connect molbiol. methods (metagenomics, metatranscriptomics) with (bio)chemical analyses, which will allow us to identify circumpolar characeristics of mic. communities and with help of manipulative experiments (13C labeled substrates, RNA-SIP) also describe main taxonomical and functial groups responsible for transfromation of organic matter in cryoturbated OM.