(Co)investigator from the Department: 
Funding provider: 
The Czech Science Foundation
2019 to 2021
Project goals: 

How plant functional types and phenological stages influence the quantity and quality of plant
inputs under combined changes in nutrient and water levels and their impact on soil microbial
community structure and processes.

Project description: 

A  mesocosm study will be conducted to determine the combined effects of nutrient and water
level changes on the quality and quantity of plant inputs to the soil and how these may influence
soil microbial community structure and enzymatic activities. The study will focus on the growth,
allocation patterns and source-sink relationships in representative wetland species of the
conservative and competitive plant functional types, and how these internal plant factors are
altered at different plant phenological stages. We predict that the conservative species will grow
better in far-from-optimal hydrologic conditions, but that the poorer growth of the competitive
species under these conditions will be mitigated with increased nutrient supply. In addition, the
competitive species will show a greater degree of plasticity under changing environmental
conditions. These internal changes in plant source-sink relationships will be translated to the
soil microbial community structure and activities.