Unlike other Czech universities, we offer full graduate education in the doctoral programme in Limnology, owing to scientific backgroung, research infractructue and close cooperation with the Institute of Hydrobiology and Centre Algatech in Třeboň.

Our study programme covers graduate education in all fields and methods of current limnology and hydrobiology, primarily oriented on research of lakes, fishponds and reservoirs, hydrochemistry and nutrient transformation, production and microbial processes in freshwaters. Topics of dissertation theses are focused on both specific issues of particular research of aquatic ecosystems and holistic approach to the entire ecosystems including their catchments, as well as on results applicable in water quality management. To solve specific questions, we employ simple model cultivations of organisms under controlled conditions or conduct long-term ecological research of freshwaters. We focus on monitoring and experimental skills, proper planning of sampling or experimental design, and accurate statistical evaluation. Our research is based on application of current methods and advanced instrumentation in a close cooperation with the above institutes of the Czech Academy of Sciences. The acquired skills qualify our absolvents for freshwater sciences, research and development, as well as for water management in state and public enterprises, non-governmental organizations or private companies.

Important links: Gudelines for PhD students. Information on admission proceedings and application forms. Requirements of "Literature review".

A recent call has been opened for a new PhD position in aquatic protist ecology supervised by Karel Šimek and Indranil Mukherjee!