The Department Biology of Ecosystems/Faculty of Science at the University of South Bohemia/ is responsible for a doctoral programme Ecosystem Biology. This programme provides students with a thorough overview of modern methodology in current ecology, focused particularly on mechanisms determining behavior of ecological networks. State-art-methods, such as next generation sequencing, stable isotopes, stoichiometry, mesocosm experiments and many others are accessible to any applicant. The programme is highly interdisciplinary, linking plant and animal ecology in both terrestrial and aquatic environments. A great deal of emphasis is placed on experimental approach, ability of students to design, analyze and evaluate experiments. The research of doctoral theses is often conducted in close cooperation with institutions of Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, namely Biology Centre and Institute of Botany.

Our graduates have gone on to successful careers in academia as well as the public and private sectors. The acquired skills qualify our absolvents for research and education institutions, institutions for applied research in agriculture, forestry and nature conservation, museums, public or commercial administrations, and non-governmental organizations.

Important links: Guidelines for PhD studentsInformation on admission proceedings and application forms. Requirements of "Literature review".