Admission proceedings into the doctoral study programmes of Ecosystem Biology and Hydrobiology

The admission proceedings consists of an assessment of candidate’s application documents, including his/her dissertation thesis project, and the entrance interview.

According to the specialist board of either programme, the applicant should submit a brief CV and a short proposal of the dissertation project with outlines of the thesis topic that cover goals, methods, funding and logistics, and relevant references (proposal extent of 1000–2000 words), which clearly affirms feasibility of the project.

A discussion about the project proposal is an essential part of the entrance interview (in person or via skype) with the admission board that enables an assessment of the candidate’s predisposition to study and his/her ability of critical and independent thinking. Graduates of other universities may be subjected to a cross-examination of their knowledge of ecology or hydrobiology. A personal acceptance of the candidate by his/her proposed supervisor and a common sense on the dissertation project is essential for the admission board, which may recommend up to five elective subjects for either programme in order to complement and fulfil the dissertation thesis project.

On the basis of the project proposal and entrance interview, the admission board proposes a ranking of all candidates and does or does not recommend their acceptance.