TitleA diverse fungal community associated with Pseudorchis albida (Orchidaceae) roots
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsKohout, P, Tesitelova, T, Roy, M, Vohnik, M, Jersakova, J
JournalFungal Ecology

In addition to orchid mycorrhizal fungi (OrMF), the roots of orchids harbour plant fungal endophytes termed root-associated fungi (RAF). In the present study, the endangered photosynthetic orchid Pseudorchis albida was screened for OrMF and RAF using culture-dependent (isolations from root sections and pelotons) and culture-independent (cloning from root sections) techniques. The efficiency of the different approaches for detecting the fungi and the effect of the sampling season (summer or autumn) were evaluated. In total, 66 distinct OTUs of mycorrhizal and non-mycorrhizal fungi were found, which, to our knowledge, is the highest diversity of RAF that has yet been detected in a single orchid species. The OrMF community was dominated by Tulasnella species, which were mainly detected by isolation from pelotons or cloning from root sections. The roots and tubers showed higher mycorrhizal colonization in summer, corroborating the frequent reports of Tulasnella from pelotons in this season. In contrast, two helotialean fungi, Varicosporium elodeae and Leohumicola sp., the latter of which was repeatedly isolated from pelotons, were significantly more abundant in the autumn. (c) 2012 Elsevier Ltd and The British Mycological Society. All rights reserved.