TitleComparison of Phosphorus Deficiency-indexes During A Spring Phytoplankton Bloom In A Eutrophic Reservoir
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1995
AuthorsVrba, J, Vyhnalek, V, Hejzlar, J, Nedoma, J
JournalFreshwater Biology

1. Phosphorus limitation was studied along the eutrophic, canyon-type Rimov reservoir (Czech Republic) during a spring phytoplankton bloom. Concentration of soluble reactive phosphorus (SRP), C:P molar ratio in seston, extracellular alkaline phosphatase activity (APA), and P limitation (bioassay) were used as indices for phosphorus deficiency in the phytoplankton. 2. SRP, C:P, APA, and P limitation indicated a moderate P deficiency in the downstream, but not upper, part of the reservoir. 3. Significant correlations between these parameters were found in the downstream part. Chlorophyll a concentration correlated with APA and P limitation in the upper part. 4. APA was significantly enhanced in the phosphorus-deficient phytoplankton. However, APA was apparently not related to total biomass or species composition of the phytoplankton. 5. Generally, APA was closely correlated with pH in the reservoir. However, extracellular alkaline phosphatases, with a pH optimum above 9.0, were induced and active only during the phytoplankton bloom, whereas low background activity of extracellular phosphatases was found at low chlorophyll a concentrations (winter, clear-water phase).