TitleEffect of floral display on reproductive success in terrestrial orchids
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsKindlmann, P, Jersakova, J
JournalFolia Geobotanica

Almost one-third of all species in the family Orchidaceae offer no reward to insect pollinators. In the absence of a reward, floral display (number of flowers), may be the most important component of insect attraction but the role of floral display in capsule production of both deceptive (nectarless) and rewarding (nectariferous) orchids has not yet been satisfactorily explored. Based on our theoretical considerations, we propose and test here the following hypotheses: (i) deceptive species flower earlier than rewarding ones, (ii) reproductive success in deceptive species is lower than that in rewarding ones, (iii) reproductive success is independent of the number of flowers in the inflorescence in both deceptive and rewarding orchids. Our data supported hypotheses (i) and (ii). In 9 out of our 12 populations of deceptive species and in 10 out of 12 populations of rewarding species we found support for our hypothesis (iii).