TitleThe effect of Temelin nuclear power plant on temperature and wetness parameters of land cover
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsHais, M, Wotavova, K, Prochazka, J, Brom, J, Pecharova, E

These results are the part of long-term monitoring of the Temelin nuclear power plant (TNPP) effect on the environment, which started in year 2003. The aim of this project is particulary to evaluate the influence of TNPP on the distribution of temperature and wetness parameters of the land cover. We used the Remote Sensing Method for this purpose. The Landsat TM 5 and Landsat ETM+ 7 satellite scenes were processed in this study. The satellite scenes were sorted into three time categories: The scenes acquired before the beginning of the building work of TNPP in 1987, the scenes acquired at the time of building until 2000 and the scenes acquired in the period after putting TNPP into operation. The temperature-wetness parameters in these three periods were compared to produce the result in the distribution maps of the land cover temperature and wetness in the TNPP surroundings. We started to use the continual measuring of the temperature and humidity on the fields and the data recorded by the thermal camera to calibrate the satellite data. We found evidential changes of temperature and wetness in the complex of the power plant itself. The temperatures increased and wetness decrease during the building works. But during the operation, the power plant complex showed not only higher surface temperatures, but also higher wetness values. The changes of parameters caused by operation of TNPP was not proved yet.