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Conservation Biology  (KBE 542E)

lecturers: Jana Jersáková, Tomáš Kučera, Martin Konvička

6 credits

Course is running in the summer term in academic years starting with an odd year (e.g. 2019/2020)

Course is ideal for bachelor and master students.


Course objectives: to familiarize the students with basic principles of up-to-date biological approaches applied in nature protection

Course schedule:

1: 26.2.

Conservation biology: interdisciplinary approach, the philosophical  background.

2: 4.3.

Biological diversity: species, genetic, community and ecosystem diversity, measuring biological diversity, distribution of biological diversity.

3: 11.3.

Extinctions: patterns of extinction, rates of extinction, causes of extinction, vulnerability to extinction.

4: 18.3.

Conservation genetics.

5: 5.3.

Conserving species by conserving populations: problems of small populations, loss of genetic variability, effective population size, metapopulations.

6: 1.4.

Protected areas: design of protected areas, island biogeography.

7: 8.4.

Plant conservation in situ and ex situ, action plans, reintroductions, management.

8: 15.4.

Conservation of small animals in situ and ex situ, action plans, reintroductions, management.

9: 22.4.

Conservation of large animals in situ and ex situ, action plans, reintroductions, management.

10: 29.4.

Conservation outside protected areas: landscape conservation, urban ecology,

global warming.

  Presentations of literature projects


Content of excursions:

1 day - National park Šumava (optional)

3 days - Czech and foreign protected areas (compulsory)

1 day - ZOO Prague (optional)



  • Literature project: Towards the end of the course there is a presentation of the literature project about some topic in conservation biology selected from proposed topics.

  • Written exam: Quiz composed of 20 questions.

Recommended literature:

Sher A.A., Primack R.B., (2020). An Introduction to Conservation Biology. Sinauer Associates, Sunderland, Massachusetts. Library signature: 202091238.


Cardinale B.J., Primack R.B., Murdoch J.D. (2020): Conservation Biology. Sinauer Associates et Oxford University Press, Oxford. Signature: 202091247.



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