NadpisComposition of Norway spruce litter and foliage in atmospherically acidified and nitrogen-saturated Bohemian Forest stands, Czech Republic
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2010
AutořiKopacek, J, Cudlin, P, Svoboda, M, Chmelikova, E, Kana, J, Picek, T

We investigated litter fall and foliage chemistry in mature Norway spruce (Picea abies) stands in the catchments of Plesne (PL) and Certovo (CT) lakes (Czech Republic). The stands differed in bedrock (granite in PL and mica-schist in CT) and soil chemistry, with lower base saturation (9% vs. 15%) and higher nitrogen saturation in the CT catchment. Concentrations and fluxes of ecologically important elements were measured for four years in six litter fall categories (needles, twigs, bark, lichen, cones, and ``other material{''}) at plots differing in elevation. Litter and foliage in the CT catchment had lower Ca concentrations and Ca:Al ratios, and higher N concentrations and N:Mg ratios, than in the PL catchment. These characteristics further progressed with elevation in both catchments, corresponding to higher acid and N deposition at higher elevation. As a result, concentrations of N, Al, and Fe were higher and concentrations of Ca and Mg, as well as Ca:Al and Mg:Al ratios were lower in most litter categories at high elevation (similar to 1300 m) than at low elevation (similar to 1100 m) plots.