NadpisSoil rotifers (Rotifera) of the Kokorinsko Protected Landscape Area
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2007
AutořiDevetter, M

Soil rotifers of the Kokor nsko Protected Landscape Area ( Central and Northern Bohemia, Czech Republic) were investigated in August, 2004. This is the first investigation of the soil rotifers in the area. Altogether 25 rotifer taxa were found at five sites. Mniobia symbiotica, M. variabilis, Macrotrachela habita, M. oblita, Habrotrocha. aviformis, H. bidens and Ceratotrocha cornigera were the most abundant species. These are the first findings of Mniobia variabilis and Macrotrachela oblita in the Czech Republic. Total rotifer abundances varied from 67 to 647 x 10(3) ind. m(-2).