voda-jezero.jpgWanted: Postdoc candidate in Quantitative Freshwater Biology for a Junior Group Leader position

Our group, in close cooperation with the Institute of Hydrobiology, BC CAS, studies freshwater lentic ecosystems (e.g. glacial lakes in the Bohemia Forest, manmade reservoirs and fishponds), partly also streams and other interesting freshwaters, ensures specialized undergradute education in Hydrobiology (limnology) in both bachelor and master programs and guarrants the doctoral study programme in Hydrobiology/Limnology

voda-rasy-znachy_0.jpgOur research is focused on biotic interactions between aquatic organisms and their interactions with abiotic fcktors, both at a holistic level of entire ecosystem or catchment and under controlled experimental lab (cultivation experiments) or open-air conditions (mesocosms). We provide integration into multidisciplinary teams and joint projects of our Department and the Institute of Hydrobiology that enable training of various approaches and methods, such as current chemical analyses, traditional taxonomy and ecophysiology, molecular analyses, including microbial metagenomics and metatranscriptomics, and ecological modelling.


Our recent projects has been focused, e.g., on problems of eutrophication or acidification of freshwaters in relation to soil processes in the catchment, the role of bacteria and phytoplankton in organic matter and nutrient cycling, on interaction between microorganisms and aquatic macrophytes, or top-down effects of both invertebrate and fish predation on zooplankton structure, population dynamics and ecology of fish in reservoirs and post-mining lakes.