(Co)investigator from the Department: 
Funding provider: 
Community programme LIFE
2018 to 2024
Project goals: 
  • Transboundary restoration of mires and wetlands covering an area of 1 672 ha, Blockage of 80 km of drainage channels and restoration of 13 km of regulated streams
  • Mire habitats important for the endangered bird species of black grouse (Tetrao tetrix) and other rare wetland species will be improved
  • Public involvement in peatland restoration and raising awareness of wetlands and their importance for the landscape's water regime, including mitigating the impact of climate change
Project description: 

The main objective of the research team from the Department of Ecosystem biology is monitoring of soil processes and climate, the results of which will serve to evaluate the success of revitalization interventions on various types of peatlands.

Financial support of the project comes from the Community programme LIFE. LIFE is the EU financial instrument for the environment. It contributes to the implementation of the EU policy on conservation of natural habitats, endangered species and climate change adaptation. Project LIFE for Mires is also considerably supported by Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic and Bayerischer Naturschutzfonds.




Download the project flyer here.