Name / Specialization Phone * Email
Assoc. Prof. David Boukal, Ph.D.
community and evolutionary ecology
Lecturer 387772327 boukal [at]
András Csercsa
aquatic ecology
PhD. student 2281 andras.csercsa [at]
Samuel Dijoux
Modelling ecology; Population Dynamics; Life history traits
PhD. student 2281 dijous00 [at]
Assoc. Prof. Jana Jersáková, Ph.D.
plant ecology, conservation biology
Lecturer 387775357 jersa [at]
Vojtěch Kolář
ecology and conservation of aquatic insects
PhD. student 2282 kolarvojta [at]
PhDr. Julien Mocq, Ph.D.
Abiotic and biotic effects on trophic interactions
Postdoc 2247 jmocq [at]
Joacim Näslund
aquatic ecology
Postdoc 2247 joacim.naslund [at]
Pavel Soukup
ecology of aquatic invertebrates
PhD. student 728846748, 387772282 pavsoukup [at]
Hélène Vogt-Schilb Postdoc