Our student Pavel Soukup wins the Best Young Speaker prize at the CESAMIR symposium

Our PhD student Pavel Soukup has received the Best Young Speaker award at the 2nd Central European Symposium for Aquatic Macroinvertebrate Research 9CESAMIR) for his presentation on "The effect of predation risk and habitat complexity on community assembly in small standing waters". The meeting, which took place in Pecs in Hungary on 3-8 July 2016, was attended by more than 130 scientists and specialists from 18 European countries.



Open postdoc position: Quantifying human impacts on freshwater ecosystems

Open postdoc position: Quantifying human impacts on freshwater ecosystems

One postdoctoral position focusing on examining the consequences of human impacts on freshwater ecosystems is available in the group of David Boukal at the Faculty of Science, University of South Bohemia, Ceske Budejovice (Czech Republic).

The position is defined broadly and can be tailored to individual interests, including but not limited to the effects of climate change, habitat alteration and eutrophication on... more


Two of our students win student poster awards at the conference of the Czech Society for Ecology

Our students Jana Zemanová and Pavel Soukup made impact at the 5th conference of the Czech Society of Ecology, organized jointly by our department, University of South Bohemia and Biology Centre of the Czech Academy of Sciences on 23-25 October 2015.

Among some 50 student posters, Jana Zemanová received the 3rd prize for the presentation of her master thesis "The impact of fish predation and littoral vegetation on the structure and behaviour of zooplankton" and Pavel Soukup received the 2nd... more


Czech daily Lidové noviny reports on our research published in Global Change Biology

The article "Nature can adapt to heat" published in the printed version of Lidové noviny on Wednesday, 2 Sep 2015, comments on our recent research dealing with the impact of varying temperatures on interspecific interactions (online version can be found here). Our paper on the subject has just appeared in the September issue of Global Change Biology (Sentis et al. 2015). We used dragonfly larvae as model organisms to demonstrate how the ability of individuals to acclimate to different thermal... more


Two master theses from our department receive the Dean's Award

We congratulate our master students Petra Kokořová and Pavel Soukup on the Dean's Award for Academic Achievement! The awards honouring oustanding theses were announced at today's graduation ceremony of the Faculty of Science. Petra Kokořová studied moss mite communities (Acari: Oribatida) in natural and managed spruce stands in the Šumava mountains, while Pavel Soukup carried out a field experiment to examine the effect of habitat complexity and predation risk on invertebrate... more


Two of our French interns succesfully defend their master reports

Congratulations to our French interns Christel and Cory to a successful defense of their Master 1 theses! 

Christel Bouchetard-Aubus (Université François-Rabelais Tours) worked on prey selectivity of Chaoborus larvae looking at the role of temperature, prey ratios and body size under the supervision of Michal Šorf. Cory Garot-Adrian (Université de Montpellier) worked on the effects of predation risk and dinsity dependence on foraging behaviour of Chaoborus larvae under the... more


Jan Hony Květ receives the Lifetime Achievement Award of the Society of Wetland Scientists

Dr. Jan "Hony" Květ, a long-term staff member at our department, has been awarded the Lifetime achievement award of the Society of Wetland Scientists in recognition of his special distinction through contributions to wetland science and management, specific to research, education or policy. For the first time in the nearly 20-year history, the winner of this award comes from outside the USA. The award ceremony and lecture took place during the Annual meeting of the... more


New student and Erasmus internships in aquatic ecology for 2015

We offer up to four Master internship positions focusing on population ecology and phenotypic plasticity of aquatic insects in the group of Dr. David Boukal at the Faculty of Science, University of South Bohemia, Ceske Budejovice (Czech Republic). The students will work under the supervision of David Boukal, Michal Sorf (Czech postdoc), Julien Mocq (French postdoc) and Arnaud Sentis (French postdoc). We offer detailed hands-on training during the entire lifetime of your project; our previous... more


Hungarian expert on aquatic insects visiting our Department

Aquatic insect expert Zoltán Csabai from the University of Pécs is visiting the lab of David Boukal for four weeks in November and December. His visit is aimed to establish a new collaboration on the ecology and conservation of aquatic insects including the development of ideas for possible joint projects and student exchange in the future. Zoltán is also our first guest in the newly inhabited spaces to which we moved at the beginning of the winter 2014/15 semester!

Photo: Z. Csabai (clean)... more


Czech TV broadcasts a report on our research in newly created sandpit pools

Czech TV broadcasts a report on our experimental pools in the Cep II sandpit near the town of Suchdol nad Lužnicí. Since 2013, the group of David Boukal has been following the community assembly of aquatic invertebrates in these pools in collaboration with the Biology Centre AS CR. 

The report (in Czech) is here, starting at 16:18.