The article "Nature can adapt to heat" published in the printed version of Lidové noviny on Wednesday, 2 Sep 2015, comments on our recent research dealing with the impact of varying temperatures on interspecific interactions (online version can be found here). Our paper on the subject has just appeared in the September issue of Global Change Biology (Sentis et al. 2015). We used dragonfly larvae as model organisms to demonstrate how the ability of individuals to acclimate to different thermal conditions affects individual metabolic rates and functional responses. We then put the newly discovered "sunburn effect" phenomenon in the context of food web dynamics, and for the first time estimated the contribution of phenotypic plasticity and acclimation to food web stability under climate change.

Sentis A., Morisson J., Boukal D.S. (2015) Thermal acclimation modulates the impacts of temperature and enrichment on trophic interaction strength and population dynamics. Global Change Biology 21, 3290-3298.