Minimum requirements of the subject "Literature review" for doctoral programme in Hydrobiology / Limnology (approved by the specialist board on 11 February 2014):

The literature review represents an overview of a state of the art in the field disertation based on the current literature available including critical analysis and synthesis of this information – a recommended extend of the review is 7–10 thousand characters in English. A student selects a theme and topic of the literature review in accordance with his/her supervisor (and consultants) during preparation of the study plan – i.e. within two months since the beginning of doctoral study. The specialist board, by approving the study plan of each student, appoints an appropriate (usually internal) opponent, which will evaluate the submitted literature review.

No later than in the second semester of study, a student enrol the subject "Literature review". The student is to submit the review, approved by the supervisor, to the Department of Study Affairs – a recommended deadline for timely fulfillment is during the tenth month of study (to avoid a reduced stipend).

The submitted review is evaluated by the above nominated opponent, then it is approved (per rollam) by the specialist board that may ask, based on the opponent's evalution, for additional revisions, and then the subject is awarded by the chair.