Landscape is a complex and hierarchic system of interconnected ecosystems that are being developing over the time. The ecosystems are of both natural, semi-natural and man-made or man-influenced characters. Nowadays, in the period of likely climate changes and extensive land use demands, Environmental Protection and Landscape Heritage Restoration gain their importance for landscape services maintenance.


Our research group is oriented on the following landscape phenomenon and processes:

1. Impacts of ecologic disturbation on forest ecosystems

2. Effects of land use and landscape structure changes on biodiversity

3. Habitat modelling (relationship of environmental conditions and faunistic/floristics constitution)

4. Importance of green infrastructure for biodiversity in the urban areas


Additionally, our interest lays down in the effect of anthropogenic factors on landscape, for example:

5. Socio-economic conditions (legislature, ownership status, etc.) and decision mechanisms of stakeholders in the land use

6. Future land use scenario modelling

7. Landscape politics