TitleDistribution and ecological preferences of the freshwater lineage LimA (genus Limnohabitans) revealed by a new double hybridization approach
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsShabarova, T, Kasalicky, V, Šimek, K, Nedoma, J, Znachor, P, Posch, T, Pernthaler, J, Salcher, MM
JournalEnvironmental Microbiology

The ecological relevance and factors shaping dynamics of Limnohabitans sp. have been largely studied by fluorescence in situ hybridization with a 16S rRNA probe targeting the R-BT group (lineages LimBCDE), but not lineage LimA. Consequently, ecology and distribution of LimA remained unknown. We developed a double hybridization strategy using a novel 23S rRNA probe specifically targeting LimA and LimE that in combination with the existing R-BT probe can discriminate LimA populations. This technique was applied for more than 1000 samples from 46 freshwater sites including long-term data sets from oligomesotrophic Lake Zurich, CH and meso-eutrophic Rımov reservoir, CZ. LimA was ubiquitously distributed and highly abundant. Observed ecological preferences of LimA in Lake Zurich were in general similar to already reported for Limnohabitans with highest numbers in surface waters during growing seasons. Three times higher densities of LimA were detected in Rımov reservoir, where they were significantly more abundant at the riverine zone especially after flood events that introduced fresh terrestrial DOM (dissolved organic matter). Moreover, statistical analyses of biological and physicochemical parameters obtained from small dynamic water bodies confirmed a correspondence between LimA and allochthonous DOM, in opposite to R-BT that was more related to algal primary production.