TitleDistribution and diet of 0+fish within a canyon-shaped European reservoir in late summer
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsVasek, M, Kubečka, J, Matena, J, Seda, J
JournalInternational Review of Hydrobiology

The distribution and diet of age 0+ fish were studied in the deep canyon-shaped Rimov Reservoir (Czech Republic), which is characterized by a longitudinal trophic gradient. During late summer of two years, 0+ fish were sampled from inshore and offshore habitats along the longitudinal reservoir axis. Offshore catches of 0+ fish from the surface layer were dominated by roach (Rutilus rutilus), bream. (Abramis brama) and perch (Perca fluviatitis), whereas in the deeper open water perch predominated. Inshore catches of 0+ fish were constituted mainly by perch and roach. The proportions of roach in the inshore catches were highest at the upper and most eutrophic part of the reservoir, whereas the proportions of perch in the inshore catches were higher at the downstream areas. Total catches of both inshore and offshore 0+ fish increased upstream in the reservoir. Offshore 0+ perch were of consistently smaller size than inshore 0+ perch. Inshore 0+ perch had significantly smaller size at the upstream reservoir part than at the downstream, more lacustrine regions. The diet of both inshore and offshore 0+ fish consisted predominantly of crustacean zooplankton. Perch diet was generally dominated both by cladocerans and copepods, whereas roach diet consisted chiefly of cladocerans.