TitleLand Water Ecotone Effects In Reservoirs On the Fish Fauna
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1995
AuthorsDuncan, A, Kubečka, J

The morphology and function of one tropical and 25 temperate reservoirs are examined in relation to their effect upon the nature of the land/water interface and, further, to what extent the features of these ecotones satisfy the ecological requirements of the reservoir fish species throughout their life cycle during spawning, larval, juvenile and adult stages. The two main conclusions are that (1) reservoir fish species are especially dependent upon land/water ecotones during their early life history and (2) there exists a strong relationship between the extent of the littoral area and the nature of the fish stocks. Several examples are given to show that manipulation of the land/water ecotone is a major tool for the management of reservoirs advantageously for their major functions.