Fungi are well known as prolific sources of distinctive biologically active secondary metabolites. Fungal natural products have found utility as important pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, and commercial enzymes.

Enzymes which decompose complex molecules into smaller units, such as carbohydrates into sugars, are natural substances involved in all biochemical processes. The Fungi kingdom produce a great number of extracellular enzymes, many of which are applied in industry and biotechnology.

The present project aims to investigate the enzymatic production capabilities of filamentous fungal isolates (Ascomycetes, Zygomycetes, and Asco- and Basidiomycetes) from various ecosystems in different countries;

- Isolates from soil and sediments in the Czech Republic, Germany, Russia, USA, Egypt, and Macedonia.

- Isolates from air, litter and caves in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Spain, and France.

- Isolates from intestines and excrements of soil invertebrates, and vermicomposts.

Materiál a metody: 

- Molecular identification of the fungal isolates.

- Screening for enzymes production by the fungal isolates.

- Extraction and purification of different commercial enzymes from the most effecient fungal isolates.