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Conservation Biology  (KBE 542E)

lecturers: Jana Jersáková, Tomáš Kučera, Martin Konvička

6 credits

Course is running in the summer term in academic years starting with an odd year (e.g. 2019/2020)

Course is ideal for bachelor and master students.


Course objectives: to familiarize the students with basic principles of up-to-date biological approaches applied in nature protection

Course schedule:


1. Conservation biology: interdisciplinary approach, the philosophical  background. (MK)


2. Extinctions: patterns of extinction, rates of extinction, causes of extinction, vulnerability to extinction. (JJ)


3. Biological diversity: species, genetic, community and ecosystem diversity, measuring biological diversity, distribution of biological diversity. (TK)


4. Conservation genetics. (JJ)


5. Conserving species by conserving populations: problems of small populations, loss of genetic variability, effective population size, metapopulations. (MK)


6. Protected areas: design of protected areas, island biogeography. (TK)


7. Plant conservation in situ and ex situ, action plans, reintroductions, management. (JJ)


8. Conservation of small animals in situ and ex situ, action plans, reintroductions, management. (MK)


9. Conservation of large animals in situ and ex situ, action plans, reintroductions, management. (MK)


10. Conservation outside protected areas: landscape conservation, urban ecology,

global warming. (TK)

2.5., 9.2. Presentations of literature projects


Content of excursions:

1 day - National park Šumava

1 day - Protected Landscape Area Třeboňsko or Blanský les

1 day - ZOO Prague



  • Literature project: Towards the end of the course there is a presentation of the literature project about some topic in conservation biology selected from proposed topics.

  • Written exam: Quiz composed of 20 questions.

Recommended literature:

Sher A.A., Primack R.B., (2020). An Introduction to Conservation Biology. Sinauer Associates, Sunderland, Massachusetts. Library signature: 202091238.


Cardinale B.J., Primack R.B., Murdoch J.D. (2020): Conservation Biology. Sinauer Associates et Oxford University Press, Oxford. Signature: 202091247.



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