Kód kurzu: 

A block Czech-Viennese course lead in English with the following content:

Basic concepts of socio-ecology (block seminar in Vienna);

Social ecology of farming systems, transition from agrarian to industrial farming systems, human time use as a biophysical variable, material and energy flows, time use, land-use in a rural system (block seminar in Klikov, Czech Republic).

The course aims to provide insights and methodological training in studying local communities through the use of social ecological field methods, and interpret the results within the framework of sustainability and development studies. Taking a systems perspective, the students are encouraged to look at rural systems as coupled socio-ecological systems with land, labour and technology as relevant variables. Participants also learn to design innovative field methods of generating data that provides relevant information on the functioning of local rural systems (supplemented by interviews) such as material and energy flows, time use, land-use, and to estimate quantities of society’s stocks such as population, livestock, land, artefacts around which flows are organised. Moreover students learn and experience how to establish contact, build rapport and interact in a culturally sensitive way.

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