NadpisDevelopment of non-lethal monitoring of stable isotopes in asp (Leuciscus aspius): a comparison of muscle, fin and scale tissues
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AutořiVasek, M, Vejřík, L, Vejříková, I, Smejkal, M, Baran, R, Muska, M, Kubečka, J, Peterka, J

We explored whether fin clips and scales can be used as potential non-lethal alternatives to muscle tissue for examining the isotopic composition of asp Leuciscus aspius, a locally threatened freshwater species. Dorsal fin clips, scales and muscle plugs were collected from two asp populations and subsequently analysed for nitrogen and carbon stable isotopes. Both fins and scales were consistently depleted in 15N and enriched in 13C relative to muscle. A linear regression found that the isotope values in asp fins and scales were significantly related to those in the muscle tissue. These results indicate that fins and scales have the potential to be a substitute for muscle in stable isotope studies of asp, thus providing a non-destructive sampling method for this species. Nevertheless, to determine reliable conversion factors between tissues, a subset of individuals covering a sufficiently wide range of body sizes may need to be sacrificed for any given population.