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Present status quo carp production in fishponds is likely ‘cleaner’ than other food production sectors in the EU (e.g., EU crop, livestock). The ecosystem and production services offered by carp farming in central European ponds have immense societal heritage and economic value. Although present production intensity should not be vilified as a pollution-causing activity, but still, opportunities exist to calibrate the present pond nutrition for achieving both 'green goals' (minimized footprint) and aquaculture agenda (uncompromised production). We point out that optimizing ecosystem resource utilization efficiency (RUE) and mitigating eutrophication may be achieved by bio-manipulating ponds towards balanced fish nutrition. Besides extrinsic factors, the highest ecosystem RUE, highest ecosystem services, and least internal N, P loading depend much on balanced nutrition for fish. We bring forth a new lens to look at the problem of eutrophication in regional ponds– combining animal nutrition and plankton ecology group (PEG) principles, which will be one of the take-home 'thoughts' for the attendees at the end of the seminar.

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